This Magickal Earth


this magickal earth

This Magickal Earth sells ritual sediments and silts (for geomancy, casting circles, invocations, and more), tools, and hand-dipped candles. The company’s environmentally operational procedures include:

  • LED lighting

  • No water used

  • Offsetting carbon emissions with carbon sequestration projects

  • Less than 1 pound of landfill waste/mo

  • Chemical-free environment

  • Mitigated energy use with partial hydro-power

  • Reused packaging material

  • Home-grown, organic and wildcrafted plants

  • Textiles are organic hemp materials

  • Locally sourced beeswax for candles

  • Vegetable-based dyes

  • Upcycled materials

  • Post consumer waste-recycled materials

  • Non-mined/found sediments and stones from natural, replenishing sources