Disposable Bowls

Disposable Bowls


Set of 13

This disposable Ritualware set would be perfect for any special occasion with its visually stunning design and environmental composition! Dress up your rituals and festivals with these unique, beautiful 6 inch round bowls.

  • Made from naturally-fallen Areca palm leaves

  • Completely compostable

  • Sustainably-sourced

  • Contains no waxes, dyes, or chemicals

  • Each vary in design and coloring

  • Microwave safe for up to 2 minutes

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Sustainability from Start to Finish

These are made from naturally-fallen Areca palm leaves in rural India. The trees are grown for their nut production in old plantations and so thus, the trees are never deforested for either the nut nor the leaf. These leaves are extremely fibrous and strong, almost like wood, and nothing is really comparable to them throughout North America or Europe.

Collecting these fallen leaves to be made into dishes is actually something Indian communities have been doing for centuries. They are produced in small clusters, scattered around the region, so the women employed can work close to their families and so also a lower carbon footprint because they don’t need to travel as often across India.

How It’s Made

There are absolutely zero chemicals or waxes used in the entire manufacturing process, unlike most other disposable tableware. Even the sterilization is simply a heat process. They are gathered, dried in the sun and pressed into molds, sterilized, and shipped! Because these are made from individual leaves, each product varies in tone and design which lends to its natural, authentic look.