Loofah on a Rope

Loofah on a Rope


Loofah is from the tropical plant, luffa, a member of the cucumber family. Dried, it is a natural and compostable vegetable cleaning fiber that exfoliates dead skin and surface impurities. Effectively unclog pores - allowing skin to breathe freely, naturally. For skin with a healthy and radiant shine, use this loofah sponge to alleviate stress and tension, while stimulating blood circulation. These loofahs are roughly 6” in length and each have a convenient rope attached for hanging. These do need to be fully dried between use so that bacteria does not develop.

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While the use of the luffa as an edible vegetable is not common, in its early immature stage it can be harvested and prepared like squash or can be eaten raw like the cucumber. During this time the luffa has not had the opportunity to develop its inner fibrous netting that it is more commonly grown for. Once the outer shell begins to turn brown and the rattling of the seeds inside becomes audible, you can soak the fruit in hot water for several hours. Then, the skin will easily slip off, revealing a loofah!