Jute Soap Pouch

Jute Soap Pouch


Our compostable jute soap pouch is made from organic and sustainable jute and is a perfect and easy to use in your ritual bath or shower. Any standard size bar of soap fits in this bag, just simply drop your soap in the bag, lather, rinse, and repeat. Washcloths are not needed when using this pouch and you can simply hang it when you’re finished!

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What is jute?

The jute plant, a native plant of India, is a herbaceous annual growing to a height of around 10 to 12 feet with a central cylindrical stem, and 4- to 6-inch long light green leaves and yellow flowers. The jute fibers are located beneath the bark, primarily concentrated near the woody, central parts of the stalk. In 1822, the manufacture of yarn from imported jute was started in Scotland and India’s own jute manufacturing industry began in Calcutta in 1855. A large number of jute mills, fostered by the Dundee Jute Barons and the British East India Company, started operating here. During the First World War, billions of sandbags manufactured from jute were exported overseas to hold the supplies of soldiers in the war.