Because the Earth is Sacred to Us


We're Pagans. No matter what sect you belong to, we all view the Earth as sacred and an important source of our practices. But not only does our religion embrace the Earth, so too does our existence. The Earth is where we come from, and to the Earth we will return. But the sustainable health of the Earth is collapsing. The more ongoing depredation our planet experiences from our choices, the more threatened we are, as well as all the other beings and energies we share our home with who have innocently fallen victim. The blame game is over- we are above that. We are the consumers. We are the decision-makers who can make changes every day.

But where do we start? Unfortunately, we are currently beyond planting a tree on Earth Day. We are beyond beach cleanup events and online petitions. Though these are in the right direction, we have to think bigger. And as beautiful Nature-centric spiritualists,it is our responsibility to set an example for others. But environmentalism is overwhelming; what we should and shouldn’t buy, which companies we can trust, the full life cycle of a single plastic bag, and on and on. That's where we step in. We're a non-profit organization that believes you and your Pagan gatherings can live and practice with and for the Earth.

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Kansas Stanton
President, PEA


"Honor all living things, for we are of the stag, and the salmon, and the bee; so destroy not life, save it be to preserve your own."

- Scott Cunningham