the sage using sage

Many Pagans start their rituals with cleansing the energy of the sacred space, using White Sage. White Sage (Artemisia ludoviciana) is typically sourced from Southern California and Mexico and currently not endangered or threatened from harvest or wildfires. Some White Sage, however, is harvested illegally on private property, but most are actually very economically beneficial to the surrounding areas and reservations. Same is said about Palo Santo from South America; some are harvested harmfully or illegally, and some are farmed. Always source your supplies!!

Now, Abalone shells, however, that are used to contain the sage are heavily threatened from climate change, diseases, and overfishing; drastically disrupting the lifestyles of over 20 First Nation tribes; and the California Fish and Wildlife Department had to cancel the 2018 season for commercial collecting them due to this decline, and aquaculture cannot currently supply the demand. Please reconsider these shells when purchasing unless they're from used sources.

You might also consider alternatives for your practice, as was traditional for us anyway. Such as: [sustainable] silver sage, blue sage, juniper, cedar, pinon resin, or hibiscus. Another alternative can be sound vibrations from a bell or gong, flames, or simply your energy.