for ritual food

The tableware setting for the feast that typically follows; the recharge for the discharge of energy. Many times the food is served on Styrofoam plates and in Dixie cups, because it's less to clean up and much easier to use in outdoor rituals than actual dishes. But when tossed into the public or private trash can, they never go back to the Earth and can harm other beings. Consider compostable options, made from natural materials or post-consumer recycled materials that can be broken down with bacteria and enzymes. Even plastic table cloths can be biodegradable these days, or choose unbleached linen!

Conveniently, Pagan Earth Alliance offers compostable ritualware to the Pagan public for their rituals, Meetups, retreats, conventions, conferences, and spiritual gatherings, packaged in compostable and sustainably-sourced materials with offset carbon emissions for its shipping!