Ritual Attire

Photo from: https://celticfusiondesign.com/mens-1

Photo from: https://celticfusiondesign.com/mens-1


Rethinking our robes

Aside from skyclad, many Pagans put a lot of attention in their choice and special requests of clothing for a ritual, with the belief that the color and type of clothing is as important as any other ritual tool. Thus, regardless if it’s just jeans and a t-shirt or a black velvet robe, this too deserves the same careful attention and intent of environmental sustainability as any other item within the Circle. This can happen when we choose organic plant-based textiles with plant-based dyes or clothing that was made from upcycled or recycled products and ethically manufactured, and avoid clothing made from polyester, that is petroleum-based, and made with damaging chemicals, that not only doesn’t fully break down in Nature, but also harmfully releases plastic microfibers every time we wash it, which builds up in the digestive tracts of either animals or ourselves. A great company working to create Celtic and Norse-inspired clothing made from organic flax (less water than cotton), unbleached and hand-dyed with plant dyes (instead of toxins) is Celtic Fusion. Also, they plant a tree with every purchase! The photo above is from their mens collection.


Glitter is a favorite for Pagans and Pagan children with its fae-like glimmer n’ shimmer! Unfortunately, however, glitter is made from micro-plastics that are too small for water filtration systems to catch and end up in vulnerable ecosystems, like the sea and rivers, where they can harm beings that live there. Fortunately, they have now made biodegradable glitter that are cellulose-based and usually derived from eucalyptus trees- like the ones supplied by EcoStardust or Festival Face.