Power Tools


energy star

Much like appliances, Energy Star also offers power tool selections that can be found on either their website, or used as a search option on many company websites like Home Depot. The main target with power tools and outdoor lawn equipment is the gasoline-powered options. Not only does this add to our greenhouse gases, but power tools burn this fuel far more dirty than cars do, which can harm our own health.

And speaking of Home Depot, they also offer a battery-recycling program called, Call2Recycle that will accept your old portable rechargeable batteries (cordless power tools, cell and cordless phones, laptops, digital cameras, two-way radios, camcorders, remote control toys and other portable electronics), so long as it's under 11 pounds!


Like appliances (as well with most environmentalism), the eco-friendly options are the better of two evils; batteries over gas emissions. Even still, electric and rechargeable battery-powered are the way to go! The batteries tend to be lithium-ion and are rechargeable through electric means, and when finished can be sent to a battery and electronics recycling facility near you, or small electronics companies that accept these. And just like with most other alternative-fueled items, the price for these options tend to run higher than their gasoline cousins, but eventually the savings in fuel ends up making it cheaper.

RYOBI is a great power tool company that works to maintain a low carbon foot print! Their batteries are interchangeable between most of their tools, including their 18V ONE+ battery platform that can still be used on their tools made in 1996! Some of their tools also include USB and AUX ports to power devices or play music. Furthermore, RYOBI UK will accept old batteries for recycling, and RYOBI as a manufacturer always recycles and up-cycles material where it can.



get reel

However, if you don't want to pay initial cost up front for rechargeable battery-powered or have to deal with power cords, then there are a few options in hybrid designs, similar to cars. Hydrogen electric and hybrid electric are both available options, especially with lawn equipment, like lawn mowers. Of course, ye olde reel mowers are still available on the market and just need a little elbow grease to power up!