Cardinal Moon Trading


Cardinal Moon trading co

Cardinal Moon Trading Co’s environmentally operational procedures include:

  • LED lighting

  • Less than 1 gallon of water/mo

  • Less than 1 pound of landfill waste/mo

  • Chemical-free environment

  • Mitigated energy use

  • Standard ground shipping only

  • Compostable and recycled packaging material

  • Reused packaging material

  • Organic and wildcrafted plants only

  • Textiles are organic hemp and cotton materials only

  • Only beeswax for candles

  • FSC-certified wood wicks

  • Upcycling for all materials and containers

  • 100% PCW-recycled marketing materials

  • Non-mined/found or second-sourced precious stone and crystal ingredients

Cardinal Moon Trading Co will also be reducing their energy even further by down-sizing their facility, as well as using 100% solar power and going 100% plastic-free by end of 2019.