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 Amazon Relief

 Help protect the future of our climate


What can be done?

Working in collaboration with local Peruvian nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and indigenous communities, preventive and sustainable solutions for the long-term protection of the rainforest ecosystems can be deployed to save this threatened ecosystem.




Where the donations go:

All donations go to the nonprofit organization, Junkglekeepers. Junglekeepers, in collaboration with partner NGOs and Peruvian conservationists, has created an initiative known collectively as Corredor Las Piedras (CLP). CLP’s focus is to create an uninterrupted conservation area stretching along the Las Piedras River. Through its sister organization, Junglekeepers Peru, Junglekeepers purchases sizeable land concessions from the Peruvian government or current rights holders, then operates the concession as a conservation area, employing local rangers to monitor and secure the land to ensure no illegal activity is taking place. Junglekeepers Ranger Program, operated in collaboration with ARC Amazon, actively monitors the current 4,906 acres of Junglekeepers concession-conservation area, as well as another 11,201 acre concession from ARC Amazon. Junglekeepers also seeks to protect and maintain the land of several conservation concession holders who do not have the resources to do so and are experiencing illegal activity such as logging and poaching.